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We are Data Driven Decisions

A UK digital marketing agency that specialise in taking a data driven approach to decision making

"It works, don't just take our word for it, we can prove it!"

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PPC Managment & Automation.

Pay-per-click or ‘PPC’ advertising can be an incredibly effective marketing tool when done properly. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, or are making decisions without data-driven insights, services like Google Ads can be an expensive money pit.

D3 can manage your PPC campaigns – from keyword research, managing budgets, creating landing pages and providing copy which sells, we can help you make sure that your ad budget delivers maximum results..

Social Campaigns & Research.

Social advertising is a fantastic way of getting through to your target audience. D3 has extensive experience of putting together great paid social campaigns which cut through the noise and deliver for our clients.

We can help identify your core audience’s interests, what platforms they’re using, and manage your budget to make sure that your paid social campaigns are successful and scalable.

Decision-Making Analytics.

A data driven culture is built on asking the right questions and defining clear measurements of success. There’s a world of insight to be gained from data - but it can be hard to know where to begin with so much information at your fingertips.

D3 can help you dig deep into the numbers and use them to your advantage. We can test, analyse and improve your campaigns, as well as help you pin-point your customers and determine how best to reach them.

Skills & Training.

Enable your staff with the skills they need with bespoke training sessions led by award winning D3 founder Kate Horsington

D3 can identify key strengths and room for development, devising training plans to address your digital skills gap. With D3’s training, your staff will learn from real-life, practical case studies and gain invaluable insight, ticks and tips to plan, research and deliver killer digital marketing campaigns.

Storytelling Visualisation.

D3 can produce rich visual media content based on analytical market research, behavioural insights & cutting edge digital storytelling techniques.

We can help you create data driven video content, compelling graphics, AR/VR and web interactives that inspire your customers and drive sales across channels.

Why Us.

D3 stands for Data-Driven Decisions – these are at the heart of everything we do. Simply, we’ll help you make informed choices on your digital marketing, and ensure that every pound you spend is working as hard as it can. We’re different from most digital agencies.

We won’t bamboozle you with buzzwords, and we won’t promise you things that aren’t deliverable. We won’t charge you for services you don’t need, and as we don’t have expensive overheads, we can pass the savings on to you.

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